planet-hop v.

to travel from one planet to another, esp. in short trips

[after island-hopping (OED: 1944)]

  • 1953 P. Phillips Lila in Startling Stories Apr. 124 page image Peter Phillips bibliography

    The space-bronzed lieutenants who were squiring Fania around the New York spots while Sobeen was planet-hopping.

  • 1953 A. Bester Time is the Traitor in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 112 page image Alfred Bester bibliography

    They never got Kruger. He started planet hopping and he’s still on the lam.

  • 1959 L. Biggle, Jr. Hornets’s Nest in Worlds of If Sept. 121/1 page image Lloyd Biggle, Jr. bibliography

    The thing has me worried. That’s why I want to hit Pluto Base and planet-hop our way in. Give Earth notice that we’re coming.

  • 1964 A. Davidson Valentine’s Planet in Worlds of Tomorrow Aug. 75/2 page image Avram Davidson bibliography

    I don’t know how long it will take us. We’ll have to zig-zag, planet-hop, before we get to a Guild ship or installation. But we’ll get back.

  • 1972 C. Simak Choice of Gods 70 page image Clifford D. Simak bibliography

    It was blind luck I found them. I had started back, you see, and was planet hopping, but going on a different tack than the one I’d followed going on. You have to be extremely careful, as I suppose you know, in choosing the planets that you use.

  • 1996 M. White Science of The X-Files 12 page image

    The physicist Frank Tipler has lent his support to the notion that an advanced race could ‘planet-hop’. He bases the idea on the way the South Sea Islanders spread across the Pacific Ocean by island-hopping followed by consolidation.

  • 2010 R. Barba Starfleet Academy: The Delta Anomaly 155 page image Rick Barba bibliography

    My Xanno ancestors emigrated from rock to rock for four hundred and fifty years. We planet-hopped across two quadrants, finding nothing but pestilence and racist rejection. We crossed mountains, deserts, oceans, voids, and asteroid belts looking for a home.

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