space dog n.

= spacehound n.

  • 1937 J. H. Haggard Renegade in Thrilling Wonder Stories June 88/2 page image J. Harvey Haggard bibliography

    From where Trant stood, he could see disc spaceports, beyond whose transparency were auras of noxious purple, a protonic emanation that clung to the scarred hull of the old space-dog ship like a battered armor. Occasionally he saw brilliant crimson flashes as the rays flashed upward from the entrenched warriors of Planetoid 42XY.

  • 1940 A. R. Long Castaways in Space in Science Fiction June 62/2 page image Amelia Reynolds Long bibliography

    Nick laid down the wrench he had been using on the disabled blast tube. ‘Do the kids know—about the oxygen?’ he asked. Steve shook his head. ‘Ah thought theah was no use tellin’ them ’til we had to,’ he answered. Nick nodded absently, and took up the wrench again. It was next to the last time that the oxygen was ever mentioned between them. Around supper time, Steve noticed that Nick, the usually robust old space-dog, was developing a nasty cough.

  • 1948 F. Brown What Mad Universe in Startling Stories Sept. v. 30/1 page image Fredric Brown bibliography

    Hands touched him lightly, and a strongly alcoholic breath almost made him gasp as the man groped past him. There was a chuckle in the blackness. [‘]Just an old space dog on a spree,’ the voice said.

  • 1960 F. Pohl Worlds of If in Worlds of If Jan. 83/1 (review) page image Frederik Pohl bibliography

    Arthur C. Clarke has a sharp mind and a disciplined typewriter and his stories of space exploration have that rare and satisfying quality, the feel of being the authentic reminiscences of an Old Space Dog. In The Challenge of the Space Ship (Harper), he is permitted to cast off the fiction format and present some two hundred pages of pure fact and speculation.

  • 1978 H. Harrison Stainless Steel Rat Wants You! in Asimov’s Science Fiction Fall 80/1 page image Harry Harrison bibliography

    ‘I’m in charge here,’ I grated in my best spacedog voice.

  • 1980 A. B. Chandler Grimes & Great Race in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Apr. 97 page image A. Bertram Chandler bibliography

    The grizzled old spacedog, pipe in mouth, glass in hand, spinning a yarn.

  • 2003 ‘M. Scribbler’ Captain Zack Brass versus the Space Vampires in Printed Poison Oct. 39/2 page image

    Know that the man who spoke to them was an aging and weathered space dog.

  • 2015 J. T. Sharrah Malnutrition in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Jan.–Feb. vi. 16/1 J. T. Sharrah bibliography

    Everett must have known—an old space dog like Everett could hardly be unaware that two decades of starfaring had nuked his innards—and that, Hardesty suspected, was why Everett had consented to be the triggerman. He didn’t care if he was apprehended. He was a dying man. He had nothing to lose. And to gain? Money. Credits. He had a wife and two kids.

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