intersystem adj.

(esp. of transportation or communication) occurring between solar systems

  • 1941 N. Schachner Old Fireball in Astounding Science-Fiction June 88/2 page image Nat Schachner bibliography

    Dale hustled over to the office of the Intersystem Communications Service.

  • 1953 P. K. Dick Impossible Planet in Imagination Oct. 131/2 page image Philip K. Dick bibliography

    Andrews spun the dial of the intersystem vidsender.

  • 1966 J. Merril in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Mar. 52/1 page image Judith Merril

    A technology advanced enough to permit intersystem trips for bickering feudal lordlings' fetes and festivals.

  • 1972 Z. Hughes Book of Rack the Healer in Worlds of If Oct. 156/2 page image Zach Hughes bibliography

    I had my mind set on Intersystem Transport, where the loot is.

  • 2015 G. N. Bossert Twelve and Tag in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 58 page image

    She spent all her money on a new console, on a crazy expensive intersystem network node.

Research requirements

antedating 1941

Earliest cite

Nat Schachner, in Astounding

Research History
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1976 reprint of Philip K. Dick's "The Impossible Planet"; Mike Christie verified the cite in the 1953 first appearance.
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1941 cite from Nat Schachner in Astounding.
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1966 cite from Judith Merril, in a book-review column in F&SF.
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1972 cite from Zach Hughes in Worlds of If.

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