saucerian n.

a being that travels in a flying saucer; = alien n.

Also, in non-SF use: ‘a UFO enthusiast; a believer in extraterrestrial life’.


  • 1947 Nation in Pathfinder 30 July 11/3 page image

    Saucerian Fable [title of section] From New York Andrei Gromyko, who can out-veto Harry Truman any day, came up with his explanation of the flying saucers (see Science). They’re disks, says Gromyko, thrown by Russians practicing for the Olympics who don’t know their own strength.

  • 1949 F. Scully Scully’s Scrapbook in Variety 12 Oct. 61/4 page image Frank Scully

    Whether we can soon return the compliment and visit the Saucerians, even with nothing more than the charred body of Orson Welles, depends, our scientists say, on how fast we step up our knowledge of magnetics. His watch band, one scientist informed me, is a magnetic key. He can find out where a fellow scientist is anywhere in town by tuning into his friend’s watchband. Things got a little Buck Rogerish at this point.

  • 1950 All Around Town in Variety 2 Aug. 26/2 (radio review) page image

    Mugg [sc. ‘Behind the Flying Saucers’ author Frank Scully] promised to come back and talk more about his Saucerian scoop in September when Holt releases the book. It would help the program if he learned what a cue was and stopped running over other people’s dialog.

  • 1951 ‘L. L.’ Visitors Coming From Afar? in Evening Star (Washington, D.C.) 3 Oct. A12/4 (letter) page image

    Visitors from another planet would be great news! Why don’t we try to signal them? Saucerians who have had sense enough to conquer space may be ahead of us in other ways, even to knowing how to outwit war.

  • 1953 ‘R. Arden’ Food for Thought in Vortex Science Fiction (#2) 28/2 page image Rice Arden bibliography

    ‘I guess we’ll have to carry out the desperate plan, after all,’ the saucerian had told Loryl. Jake wondered how much time he had to get there firstest with the mostest.

  • 1954 F. J. Ackerman Fantasy Film Flashes in Imagination Dec. 107/1 page image Forrest J. Ackerman bibliography

    Valor Productions plans a Panavision color production of ‘IF!’, an original saucerian space-&-time travel story scripted by Wyott Ordung, who will also direct.

  • 1958 ‘E. K. Jarvis’ I Married a Martian in Fantastic Feb. 62/2 page image bibliography

    I struggled to my feet as he stood unmoving, leveled my Luger at him and snarled: ‘Up with your hands, you kidnapping saucerian! Or I’ll blow you clean back to the rings of Saturn!’

  • 1964 F. Leiber Wanderer (1969) xv. 112 page image Fritz Leiber bibliography

    ‘If beings were that advanced, wouldn’t they also be careful not to injure or even disturb any inhabited planets they came near?’ He added uncertainly: ‘I suppose I’m assuming a benign Galactic Federation, or whatever you’d call it...’ ‘Cosmic Welfare State,’ Doc suggested in faintly sardonic tones. ‘No, you’re absolutely right, young man,’ the fat woman said authoritatively, while the thin woman nodded, her mouth pursed. ‘The first law of the Saucerians is to harm no life, but to nurture and protect all.’

  • 1968 P. Anderson Peek! I See You! in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Feb. 111/2 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    The ship had to be from outer space: real outer space, the unimaginable abysses that held the stars. He’d followed the progress of flybys and landings within the Solar System. Hence he knew that, while the saucerians might be little and emerald-colored, they were not from any neighborhood planet. He also knew enough aerodynamics to be sure no terrestrial organization was experimenting with stuff that advanced.

  • 1973 C. Sagan Chauvinism in Cosmic Connection: Extra-Terrestrial Perspective 43 page image Carl Sagan bibliography

    John Carter could love Dejah Thoris, but, despite what Edgar Rice Burroughs believed, their love could not be consummated. And if it could, a viable offspring would not be possible. Likewise, the category of contact story, now quite fashionable in some UFO enthusiast circles, of sexual contact between human and saucerian—most recently described in a weekly newspaper headline with the modest title ‘We Sexed a Blonde from a Flying Saucer!’—must be relegated to the realm of improbable fantasy. Such crossings are about as reasonable as the mating of a man and a petunia.

  • 1983 S. King Playboy Interview (June, 1983) in Bare Bones (1989) 39 page image Stephen King bibliography

    [Learning just before he saw Earth vs. the Flying Saucers that the USSR had launched Sputnik] A transition from fantasy to a real world suddenly became far more ominous and threatening. And as I sat there, the film concluded with the voices of the malignant invading saucerians echoing from the screen in a final threat: ‘Look to your skies... A warning will come from your skies... Look to your skies...’ I still find it impossible to convey, even to my own kids, how terribly frightened and alone and depressed I felt at that moment.

  • 1995 R. Rankin Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived x. 78 page image Robert Rankin bibliography

    ‘I didn’t know you spoke Venusian, Tuppe.’ ‘It’s not Venusian, it’s Romany.’ Woo, Woo, Woo, Woo, Woo, came the sound of police car sirens. ‘You’d better come with us,’ said Cornelius to the crashed saucerian. ‘WΔ≡o■Δ■■*o*Δ!’ said that fellow.

  • 2004 R. Rucker Frek and Elixir xiv. 440 page image Rudy Rucker bibliography

    The unyunching saucer of Cawmb and Hawb appeared in the evening sky like a thunderhead—huge, gray, flattened, with a bump on top and a round window on the bottom. As it shrank toward Middleville, the shape grew smoother and shinier, more clearly saucerian. Soon it was floating right overhead, a two-hundred-meter UFO, its chromed surface broken by a dozen gleaming feelers.

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