Earthside n.

a group or department based on Earth; Earth itself

  • 1953 R. A. Heinlein Starman Jones (1975) x. 104 Robert A. Heinlein

    The Ozarks. That’s Earthside.

  • 1956 J. J. Ferrat Snowstorm on Mars in Fantastic Universe June 104/1

    There'll never be brisket on Mars. For that we must go to the stars. Give me some tablets with vitamin Q. If you don’t like it, to Earthside with you!

  • 1958 ‘E. Rodman’ Slaves of Tree in Super-Science Fiction June 67/2

    With unquivering fingers he completed the connection and waited for Earthside to respond with the acknowledgement.

  • 1977 H.C. Petley …and Earth So Far Away in Galaxy Science Fiction Aug. 28/2

    You know, with things in such a state of unrest, as far as Vandis and those renegade Russians down south, Earthside is overly concerned about security of the platforms.

  • 1991 K. Laumer Judson's Eden 26 Keith Laumer

    I've got a report from Earthside—‘unauthorized departure from a court-ordered detention in a Class Five facility’—some kind of faked-up hospital.

  • 2005 G. Benford Sunborn II. vi. 123 page image Gregory Benford bibliography

    When Proserpina had first arrived, Earthside openly doubted the images they sent back. Clouds? Open bodies of liquid? Impossible….

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any evidence 1953

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Robert A. Heinlein, 'Starman Jones'

Research History
Fred Galvin submitted a 1956 cite from Jacques Jean Ferrat's "Snowstorm on Mars".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1958 cite from "Slaves of the Tree" by Robert Silverberg (as Eric Rodman).
Malcolm Farmer submitted a cite from a UK reprint of "the Sound of the Wind" by Theodore L. Thomas
Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1977 cite from "...and earth so far away" by Herbert Charles Petley.
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2005 cite from Gregory Benford.

The OED has a quote from a 1963 reprint of Robert A. Heinlein's 1949 "Red Planet".

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