space-pale adj.

pale from being in space; cf. space-tanned adj.


  • 1948 β€˜K. Putnam’ Dud in Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr. i. 91/1 page image William Tenn bibliography

    I was amazed at the look of worry on his old, space-pale face.

  • 1953 K. Neville She Knew He Was Coming in Worlds of If May 37/2 page image Kris Neville bibliography

    June, angelic, sat primly in a straight-backed chair, the captain at her feet, a boyish, space-pale Earthman.

  • 1976 J. Coulson Space Trap 45 page image Juanita Coulson bibliography

    The crash landng had left a network of bruises on R.C.’s face and hands. Right now those bruises looked very dark against a space-pale skin.

  • 1986 J. Barnes Man Who Pulled Down the Sky 99 page image John Barnes bibliography

    They were all armed, and the ensign with them was still space-pale and looked young. All of them, except one older sergeant, looked scared to death.

  • 2009 S. Monette & E. Bear Mongoose in R. Horton Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2010 427 page image Sarah Monette Elizabeth Bear bibliography

    Her skin was space-pale and faintly reddened across the cheeks, as if the IR filters on a suit hadn’t quite protected her.

Research requirements

any evidence 1948

Earliest cite

"Kenneth Putnam", 'Dud'

Research History
Fred Galvin submitted a 1948 cite from William Tenn (writing as "Kenneth Putnam")'s "Dud", in Thrilling Wonder Stories

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