trekkie n.

an admirer of the U.S. television programme Star Trek

Often regarded as denoting a less serious or committed fan; cf. trekker n..


SF Fandom

Star Trek

  • 1968 A Mid-Spring’s Night’s Dream in Plak-Tow (#8) 30 June in page image

    I’d wanted to make it clear I wasn’t just a trekkie in love with Spock. [Ibid.] His great, warm brown eyes are guaranteed to melt any trekkie into a helpless pool of protoplasm.

  • 1969 Dayton (Ohio) Daily News 28 July 7/1

    No funny hats and rubber drunks at the Midwestcon. One or two fans of the television show, ‘Star Trek’— called ‘Trekkies’—showed up wearing pointed ears, but missing are the more obvious eccentrics the mass media mischief messengers like to write about.

  • 1970 Deck May 2

    I start acting like a bubble-headed trekkie (rather than a sober, dignified—albeit enthusiastic—trekker).

  • 1972 H. Ellison Introduction to With a Finger in My I in H. Ellison Again, Dangerous Visions 341 Harlan Ellison

    But then, no one ever denied that Star Trek‘trekkies’ are bats from the git-go.

  • 1973 D. Gerrold Trouble With Tribbles 3 David Gerrold

    The intensity of those who wanted to make that big leap was incredible. It still is. (They're still writing their Star Trek stories even though there’s no longer a Star Trek to sell them to. But that doesn’t stop them, not at all. To a real Trekkie, Star Trek goes on forever.

  • 1975 J. Lichtenberg et al. Star Trek Lives! 11

    Fans fly from one end of the country to another to go to conventions, and have been accused of supporting the post office and the phone company with mind-boggling volumes of correspondence and long-distance calls. (The writers of this book have been accused of being the sole support of both companies—particularly by a couple of husbands and assorted friends.) Are all of these people crazy? Well, they have certainly been called that. They've been called other things—of which ‘trekkies’ is one of the more printable. Some have defended themselves by wearing the label like a badge of honor.

  • 1975 J. Gunn Alternate Worlds 224 James E. Gunn

    The success of ‘Star Trek’ in syndication, with its own fandom (sometimes called ‘Trekkies’) and conventions with attendance in the thousands, has created a new interest in science fiction.

  • 1978 F. Lynch Star Trek & Me in W. Irwin & G. B. Love Best of Trek 54

    I find that I can label fans only ‘good-mannered’ or ‘bad-mannered‘; the terms Trekker, Trekkie, etc. turn me off.

  • 1988 S. McCrumb Bimbos of Death Sun i. 8 Sharyn McCrumb bibliography

    She grinned…‘It’s Rubicon—a science fiction convention’…‘Oh, right. Like Trekkies’. He nodded.

  • 1990 Thrust Winter 20/2

    This was precisely when the Trekkies split off from the science-fiction fans.

  • 1992 Amiga User Internat. Dec. 90/1

    Legions of Trekkies…avidly follow the adventure of their heroes.

  • 1992 H. Jenkins Textual Poachers 21

    Fans prefer to describe themselves as ‘Trekkers’ rather than ‘Trekkies’ (a term which has increasingly come to refer only to the media constructed stereotype)—or better still, to describe themselves simply as fans (a term which signifies their membership within a larger subculture of other fans and denies a fixed reader-text relationship).

  • 1993 SFRA Rev. May 112

    Something new for you Trekkies (or Trekkers) out there.

  • 2001 Dreamwatch Mar. 47/3

    ‘I'm a huge Trekkie!’ declares Sorbo. ‘I loved Gene Roddenberry’s work, especially the original series [of Star Trek] , so when they mentioned his name and said that he'd written this…right off the heels of the original series, I was more than interested.’

  • 2002 TV Zone No. 157 77/2

    It’s an ideal stocking-filler for that tunnel-visioned Trekkie or Whovian you may know, who has now come of age to have their televisual horizons broadened.

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