out-planet adj.

= outworld adj.

  • 1944 M. Jameson Alien Envoy in Astounding Science-Fiction Nov. 118/1 page image Malcolm Jameson bibliography

    I want a board of outplanet medicos there. We want to find out what an Ursan looks like, what makes him tick, and the rest. That means an autopsy such as never was, right down to the histology of every last cell in the monsters.

  • 1955 β€˜L. del Rey’ In the Still Waters in Fantastic Universe June 25/1 page image Lester del Rey bibliography

    Zeke and his men like him had built the outplanet colonies and when the blowtorches could go no further ships like the Midas had been the lifeline for all colonization projects beyond Jupiter.

  • 1961 P. Anderson Plague of Masters in Fantastic Jan. 83/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    Nias Warouw leaned against the farther wall, smoking an out[-]planet cigaret and smiling.

  • 1972 J. Green Dwarfs of Zwergwelt in Worlds of If June 58/2 page image Joseph Green bibliography

    He was a tall man stooped with age, the first scientist past his hundredth birthday Allan had seen at an out-planet location.

  • 1976 R. F. Young Ghur R’Hut Urr in Amazing Stories June 97/2 page image Robert F. Young bibliography

    To: His Eminence, Harut Ul Farr [/] Overseer, Out-planet Historical Department.

  • 2003 S. S. Tepper Companions 13 page image Sheri S. Tepper bibliography

    Though out-planet visitors claim to find our separation conventions strange, all our robes and veils, our painted grids, our flow arrows, and the section marks on moving walkways are what keep us sane in public areas.

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