pressor ray n.

= pressor beam n.


  • 1942 โ€˜R. Rocklynneโ€™ Day of the Cloud in Startling Stories Nov. 80/2 page image Ross Rocklynne bibliography

    With a modification of the pressor ray, the ships would pulverize those fragments into clouds of dust.

  • 1951 G. O. Smith Black Alarm in Science Fiction Quarterly Nov. 54/1 page image George O. Smith bibliography

    The squadron retreated, forming its shape as it went, until firm pressor rays behind the out-flung planes felt for and caught the core of Sanaronโ€™s outermost planet.

  • 1960 K. Bulmer Fatal Fire in New Worlds Science Fiction July 14 page image Kenneth Bulmer bibliography

    The guard stopped them with a pressor ray as their feet hit an orange painted area six yards square. They stood, leaning forward, invisibly supported.

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antedating 1942

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Ross Rocklynne, 'Abyss of Darkness'

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1942 cite from Ross Rocklynne's "Abyss of Darkness".
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 1951 cite from George O. Smith.

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