weird n.

that which is weird (in the sense of supernatural or fantastic)

SF Criticism

  • 1947 Startling Stories May 101/1

    I've read some good verse dealing with the weird and fantastic and since I like poetry I would love to see Startling Stories with such a department.

  • 2007 I. McDonald Brasyl 294 Ian McDonald

    He picked the old mall because it is enclosed and free from the eyes of cameras, but it’s big and out of the way and full of weirds and he doesn’t love the idea of her hanging around among them too long.

Research requirements

antedating 1947

Earliest cite

in Startling Stories

Research History
Typically as "the weird."

Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from a letter in Startling Stories. We also have one 1948 cite from a letter in Thrilling Wonder Stories (see entry for "fantastic, n.").

We would like cites of any date.

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