holovid n.

a holographic video; a device or system that displays or records holographic videos; cf. holovision n.

  • 1973 H. Ellison The Day I Died in Stalking the Nightmare (1982) 294 page image Harlan Ellison bibliography

    I was on a publicity tour for the book, fresh from a talk show over holovid. Oh, yes, I should mention holovid…. The cable people in conjunction with LaserScience, Ltd. of Great Britain combined holograms with 3-D projection techniques and came up with holovid, in which the viewer actually became a part of the show or studio audience.

  • 1973 P. Anderson People of Wind in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact Feb. vi. 58/2 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    He groped through the dusty clutter in the room and snapped on the holovid. A recording played, over and over, a man’s voice high-pitched and his face stretched out of shape: ‘—war declared. A courier from Ythri has delivered the news in Gray, that Terra has served notice of war.’

  • 1980 G. E. Coggshall Frankie the Rat Man & Baron von Ronk in Destinies Summer page image G. E. Coggshall bibliography

    Together, the three come alive in the nighttime. No need to watch the HoloVid in the comer with its inevitable Pro-Sports. No need for a couch near the dancefloor to gander the latest Flop-Flip steps. Freed from the need for Biofeed, they.

  • 1985 J. Shirley Freezone in B. Sterling Mirrorshades (1986) 143 John Shirley bibliography

    Rickenharp’s holovid and the videos weren’t getting airplay.

  • 1992 L. Niven & S. Barnes California Voodoo Game vi. 68 Larry Niven Steven Barnes bibliography

    When all was said and done, one got points by destroying one’s enemy, but made money by cooperating to make the best holovid possible.

  • 1997 W. Shatner In Alien Hands 88 William Shatner bibliography

    Big Scaly settled back down and aimed some kind of handheld contraption that resembled a holovid camera at him.

  • 2002 R. Aldridge Soul Pipes in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 69 Ray Aldridge bibliography

    I felt what must have been a pale echo of the sort of grief I’d once felt watching a holovid of a dear lost lover.

  • 2013 J. Richards Writing in the Margins in Asimov’s Science Fiction Apr.–May 59 page image Joel Richards bibliography

    With the recent development of recording and imaging devices, and micron-thin wiring that we can insert directly into the cortical centers, we can capture and download a holovid of past life retrievals.

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