telempath n.

a person who has the psionic ability to sense othersโ€™ emotions


  • 1960 M. Z. Bradley Seven from the Stars in Amazing Science Fiction Stories Mar. 57/2 page image Marion Zimmer Bradley bibliography

    He met Mathis' inscrutable eyes and wondered if the telempath read his thoughts and if so, why he didnโ€™t say something helpful.

  • 1964 V. Simonds Jam for Christmas in Amazing Stories Mar. 109/1 page image Vance Simonds bibliography

    He could experience the emotions of others and even influence same: he was a telempath.

  • 1974 A. McCaffrey Apple in Science Fiction Monthly June 8/1 page image Anne McCaffrey

    Who had been dim-witted enough to let the telempath out of this shielded room at a time like this? The moron was the most sensitive barometer to emotion Daffyd had ever encountered.

  • 1976 S. Robinson Telempath 213 Spider Robinson

    A telempath is a person who approaches telepathy by way of empathy.

  • 1999 J. Lindskold Queen's Gambit in D. Weber Worlds of Honor 154

    Theyโ€™re telempaths, not telepaths. They read vague emotions, not thoughts.

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