Earthite n.

a native or inhabitant of Earth


  • 1814 E. S. Barrett Heroine (ed. 2) I. p. xxii

    Alas, alas, short-sighted Earthites [in 1813 edition: mortals]! how little ye foresee the havock that will happen hereafter, from the pelting of these pitiless stones. For, about the time of the millennium, the doctrine of projectiles will be so prodigiously improved, that while there is universal peace upon earth, the planets will go to war with each other. Then shall we Lunarians, like true satellites, turn upon our benefactors and instead of merely trying our small shot (as at present), we will fire off whole mountains; while you, from your superior attraction, will find it difficult to hit us at all.

  • 1825 R. Ayton Essays & Sketches Char. 210

    We loyal earthites may be pleased to think so; but what may the moonites…say to such a notion?

  • [1859 H. B. Stowe Minister’s Wooing xxvii. 414

    Like a great, awkward, clumsy mountainous earthite asking of a white-robed angel to help him up a ladder of cloud.]

  • 1905 W. S. Harris Life in Thousand Worlds 10

    The inhabitants of Alpha Centaurus live as comfortably in fire as Earthites live in air or fishes in water.

  • 1951 I. Asimov Hostess in Galaxy Science Fiction May 97/2 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    The incidence of the Death is highest on my world, which is closest to Earth, and lower on each more distant planet…while Earth itself is immune. Somewhere in the biochemistry of the Earthite, there is the secret of that immunity.

  • 1999 San Francisco Chronicle (Nexis) 19 Apr. a3

    The intergalactic scouting report on us Earthites has to be: ‘They can’t all just get along.’

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