Earthite n.

a native or inhabitant of the planet Earth, in contrast to another place in the universe


  • [1814 E. S. Barrett Heroine (ed. 2) I. p. xxii

    Alas, alas, short-sighted Earthites [in 1813 edition: mortals]! how little ye foresee the havock that will happen hereafter, from the pelting of these pitiless stones.]

  • 1825 R. Ayton Ess. & Sketches Char. 210

    We loyal earthites may be pleased to think so; but what may the moonitesโ€ฆsay to such a notion?

  • [1859 H. B. Stowe Minister's Wooing xxvii. 414

    Like a great, awkward, clumsy mountainous earthite asking of a white-robed angel to help him up a ladder of cloud.]

  • 1905 W. S. Harris Life in Thousand Worlds 10

    The inhabitants of Alpha Centaurus live as comfortably in fire as Earthites live in air or fishes in water.

  • 1999 San Francisco Chronicle (Nexis) 19 Apr. a3

    The intergalactic scouting report on us Earthites has to be: โ€˜They canโ€™t all just get along.โ€™

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