earth folk n.

= earth people n.

  • 1880 Daily Review (Edinburgh) 27 Dec. 3/6

    It was a cow, then, my lords and gentlemen, and not one of the Earth folk, that appeared that day so suddenly in our sky. Our scientists were hasty in their inferences. They should not have based a theory so broad upon a single fact.

  • 1897 F. T. Jane To Venus in Five Seconds iv. 66 page image Fred T. Jane bibliography

    It has been mooted once or twice that we should select husbands from the Earth-folk, but no one cares to be the first to do so, and thus we drift on. [Ibid. x. 99] A few of them, like Ef, hold that it is morally indefensible to torture one creature for another’s benefit; these may save some Earth-folk in the future years, but I fear they will do little for us.

  • 1931 C. W. Diffin Brood of the Dark Moon in Astounding Stories Nov. 260/1 page image Charles Willard Diffin bibliography

    Chet mentally listened and tried to picture what manner of thing this was that held two Earth-folk helpless, that called them ‘creatures of an inferior race’.

  • 1936 F. B. Long Cones in Astounding Stories Feb. 124/1 page image Frank Belknap Long bibliography

    Intrepid Earthfolk, suicide battalion people, walking slowly in their flexible suits of difrolchrome, weighted down with high-frequency coils and oxygen tanks and thigh-weights, and living, from instant to instant, dangerously.

  • 1956 ‘H. P. Stratford’ Hidden Power in Authentic Science Fiction June 69/1 page image Kenneth Bulmer bibliography

    I thought that if I tried to play ball with you on this planet of New Eden, tried to keep the Earth folk in their quarter and under your law, we'd get along. But it seems I was mistaken.

  • 1976 L. Brackett Lake of Gone Forever in Space Odysseys 46 Leigh Brackett

    Ciel rose obediently but her eyes watched him slyly as she followed the Earthfolk out and down the hall.

  • 1999–2000 R. Berman Gnome Holidays in Weird Tales Winter 50 page image Ruth Berman bibliography

    Coals of fire are always attractive—Earthflame for earthfolk.

  • 2012 R. Silverberg Song of Last Things in When the Blue Shift Comes (2014) 44 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    The people who lived on Earth, though, didn’t have to die at all, unless they chose to, and that sort of thing wasn’t exactly common. Why the Earthfolk were exempt from death was something widely discussed, and widely misunderstood, on the other inhabited worlds of the universe.

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