flame gun n.

a gun (esp. a handgun) that shoots flames; cf. earlier flame pistol n.

Now rare.


  • 1934 A. W. Bernal Vampires of the Moon in Weird Tales June 747/2 page image Arthur William Bernal bibliography

    This was the crew of Yultats who were busily engaged in erecting a monster flame-gun in a balcony just above Starrโ€™s head.

  • 1937 N. Schachner Crystallized Thought in Astounding Stories Aug. 101/2 Nat Schachner bibliography

    The first wave of attack came hurtling, baying like hounds on their trail. He caught them unawares. His flame gun spouted a long streamer of gas. The inflammable gas united explosively with the oxygen of the air, spread a wide sheet of flame over the oncoming men. There was a howl of pain, suddenly hushed screams, and half a dozen crisped bodies tumbled awkwardly to the rock. The rest recoiled hastily.

  • 1939 G. Arnold Sea Things in Science Fiction Mar. 88/1 Guy Arnold bibliography

    The lips of the man hardened. His hand jerked swiftly to his belt, and now his own flame gun spat a crackling emanation. Others were following his lead. There followed several moments of hysteria, during which the liquid blobs divided and redivided, but as the flames subsided almost simultaneously from lowered weapons, a feeling of inexorable danger came over them, for numerous lesser liquid blotches were swirling forward.

  • 1955 E. Martin Narkeeta in Other Worlds July 44/2 page image Evelyn Martin bibliography

    His eyes narrowed into cunning slits of evil, as he loosed the flame gun in the holster by his side.

  • 1970 D. R. Koontz Beastchild in Venture Science Fiction Aug. 77/2 page image Dean R. Koontz bibliography

    He found himself with a flame-gun in his hands. He trained it on the vines. Yellow-crimson fire leapt forward.

  • 1993 J. Noon Vurt (1994) 109 page image Jeff Noon bibliography

    โ€˜Okay!โ€™ shouted Murdoch. โ€˜This is my score. Iโ€™m bringing you down for this. Harbouring, possession, bootlegging. The whole shit. Youโ€™re getting it.โ€™ She pulled a flame gun from her waistband.

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