Terran n. 2

a common language spoken on Earth or by Earthlings


  • 1944 ‘W. Long’ Redevelopment in Astounding Science Fiction Nov. 163/2 page image George O. Smith bibliography

    She had chosen to teach those who met her the Terran language instead of learning Telfan. Now those who understood any bit of Terran had gone to meet the Haywire Queen.

  • 1952 K. F. Crossen Caphian Caper in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 18/2 Kendell Foster Crossen bibliography

    He sent out a call to the planet below, but there was no answer. He tried several languages, in addition to Terran, and finally the intergalactic sound code. There was still no answer.

  • 1957 ‘E. K. Jarvis’ Before Egypt in Amazing Stories Jan. 74/1 page image Robert Bloch bibliography

    Mike turned his scowl on Nicko and snapped, ‘For Christ sake, speak Terran!’

  • 1958 ‘E. Rodman’ Slaves of Tree in Super-Science Fiction June 56/2 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    A hymn was going up, now. Rayner strained to catch the words, but it seemed that they were only partly in Terran, and mainly in some strange and alien language whose words were smooth-flowing and liquid, with many vowels and few harsh consonants.

  • 1992 M. Okrand Klingon Dictionary 13 Marc Okrand bibliography

    The best way to learn to pronounce Klingon with no trace of a Terran or other accent is to become friends with a group of Klingons and spend a great deal of time socialising with them.

  • 2001 A. McCaffrey & E. A. Scarborough Acorna’s Search (2002) 180 Anne McCaffrey Elizabeth Ann Scarborough bibliography

    You speak Terran, I speak Terran, we should be able to come up with some kind of understanding.

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