glassite n.

a strong transparent synthetic material; an artificial substitute for glass

  • 1930 R. Cummings Brigands of Moon in Astounding Stories of Super-Science Mar. 314/2 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    The dome roof, with the glassite windows rolled back now, rose in a mound-peak to cover this highest middle portion of the vessel.

  • 1934 F. K. Kelly Famine on Mars in Astounding Stories Sept. 72/1 page image Frank K. Kelly bibliography

    I was hemmed in on all sides by panels of glassite so perfectly transparent from within as to give the impression that there was nothing, nothing at all, between me and the aching emptiness of the void; through the thick walls of the runway the stars quivered like a million small bright fires, and the sky loomed around and above and below me as an endless pall of heavy black smoke.

  • 1936 A. L. Zagat Lanson Screen in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 50/2

    He crossed the room slowly, and looked out through the glassite-covered aperture in the south wall.

  • 1946 Astounding Science Fiction Dec. 24/1

    A weapon of some sort. Pointing it toward the window, he pressed the stud set in its butt. There was a sharp, hard crack, but no recoil. A perfect disk of glassite vanished from the center of the window.

  • 1946 Astounding Science Fiction Dec. 83/1

    β€˜It’s good to be back here again.’ Dave said when he had thrown back his glassite helmet.

  • 1946 β€˜T. Herrick’ Coffin Cargo in Planet Comics Nov. 32/2

    But his still, white face in the glassite mask, had played havoc with nerves already raw.

  • 1986 K. Kurtz Legacy of Lehr i. 15 page image Katherine Kurtz bibliography

    From the other side of a glassite wall behind him, the four Lehr cats glowered in their cages, their jaws parting periodically in what would be ear-splitting screams without the insulation of the wall.

  • 1988 I. McDonald Desolation Road (2001) xxi. 112 Ian McDonald

    Time slowed in a jungle of scales and arpeggios: there was no time, the stars froze in their arcing paths, tracing slow silver snail tracks across the glassite cap-dome.

  • 2007 β€˜C. Alexa’ Flying Solo in Push of Sky 261 page image Camille Alexa bibliography

    Remember when the fashion was to have sporadic transparent wall programming [...] so you could be walking to the bathroom and suddenly the wall would completely visually dissolve to your right? Or you’d be making dinner, and the glassite would suddenly become so clear right in front of you it was like the sink dangled off the lip of a cliff and you were about to plummet over the edge, glass of milk in one hand and dishtowel in the other? It was absolutely vomitous.

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Ray Cummings, "Brigands of the Moon"

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