gravity plate n.

a device that creates or nullifies the effects of gravity


  • 1932 R. Cummings Wandl, the Invader in Astounding Stories 201/1 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    The bow gravity-plates slid into the repulsive-force positions.

  • 1933 J. Williamson Salvage in Space in Astounding Stories Mar. 20/2 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    The creatureโ€™s body was so heavy that Thad had to return to the bridge, and shut off the current in the gravity plates along the keel, before he could move it.

  • 1936 โ€˜ย˜G. Wilsonโ€™ย™ Earth-Venus 12 in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 104/2 page image bibliography

    An hourโ€™s ascent, with our rocket-tails streaming like a comet behind us; then we shut them off, with the gravity plates set for Earth repulsion and the Moon to pull us on the first leg of the flight.

  • 1943 F. B. Long Stellar Vampires in Science Fiction July 80/1 Frank Belknap Long bibliography

    But there was nothing normal about a gravity plate that had resisted the tug of Mars only to buckle on little Phobos, crippling our ship on a blue moon that traveled in the wrong direction, and possessed a diameter of only eight minutes of arc when it was at its zenith.

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Ray Cummings, "Wandl, the Invader"

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