superspace n.

= hyperspace n.

  • 1939 S. A. Coblentz Lord of Tranerica in Dynamic Science Stories Feb. 16/1 page image Stanton A. Coblentz bibliography

    ‘By the white fires!’ he tought [sic], as he gloomily surveyed the dimension-machine, which now was little more than a twisted mass of wreckage. ‘This ends my experiments with super-space! Ah, well! I suppose I'll have to resign myself. I'll never be anything more for the rest of my life than dictator of half the world!’

  • 1953 ‘R. Dee’ Minister Had to Wait in Fantastic Universe June–July 142/2 page image Roger Dee bibliography

    From superspace, the plane of existence immediately above ours…. The energy backlash from our generator must have weakened the spatial barrier between dimensions, enabling them to break through at the point of stress.

  • 1954 R. Garrett Time Fuze in Worlds of If Mar. 69/2 page image Randall Garrett bibliography

    What we know about the hyperspace, or superspace, or whatever it is we move through in ultradrive is almost nothing.

  • 1986 A. C. Clarke Songs of Distant Earth 50 Arthur C. Clarke bibliography

    There were fundamental reasons why the immense energies of superspace, though they were real enough, could never be tapped.

  • 2002 R. Vajra Sidehunter in Analog Science Fiction & Fact June 10/1 Rajnar Vajra bibliography

    My heart was racing and a private pool of sweat was collecting in the small of my back. After two tense months in superspace I was finally down on Parson’s Planet, inside Parson Station. But I still wasn’t feeling overly safe. Five minutes ago I’d had the nastiest scare of my scare-filled career. And right now, something was very wrong.

  • 2014 ‘B. Sparhawk’ Conquest in Analog Science Fiction & Fact Nov. 58/2 Bud Sparhawk bibliography

    ‘Can I assume you were all citizens of Earth?’ [...] ‘Of course we are all citizens of...’ Suddenly he realized what the redheaded man had just said and paused. ‘Did you say were?’ Redhead shrugged. ‘Oh yes, Earth’s Imperium fell nearly three hundred years ago, more or less. We’re all members of the New Empire now, the one that merged with the Stellar Imperium fifty years ago.’ ‘But, but,’ Dax sputtered. How the devil had more than three centuries passed during their three-month transit through superspace?

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