spaceboat n.

= spaceship n.



  • 1931 R. Z. Gallun Atomic Fire in Amazing Stories Apr. 69/2 page image Raymond Z. Gallun

    A door at one end of the tubular chamber that housed the space-boat opened. In a moment the little craft glided gracefully out into the open.

  • 1932 R. Z. Gallun Revolt of the Star Men in Wonder Stories Quarterly Winter 231/2 page image Raymond Z. Gallun

    He looked longingly at the emergency space-boat hugging close to the hull of its mother ship.

  • 1935 R. Z. Gallun Derelict in Astounding Stories Oct. 25/1 page image Raymond Z. Gallun

    The space boat turned, beginning the graceful curve that would bring it alongside the spheroid.

  • 1936 R. Z. Gallun Saturn's Ringmaster in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 81/1 Raymond Z. Gallun

    Raff Orethon, strapped in the wrecked cabin of his spaceboat, was dimly aware of the words that clicked faintly in the etherphones of his oxygen helmet.

  • 1945 ‘M. Leinster’ Ethical Equations in Astounding Science-Fiction June 119 Murray Leinster

    Three minutes later the little spaceboat pulled out from the side of the cruiser. Designed for expeditionary work and tool-carrying rather than as an escapecraft, it was not inclosed. It would carry men in spacesuits, with their tools and weapons, and they could breathe from its tanks instead of from their suits, and use its power and so conserve their own.

  • 1952 P. Anderson Captive of Centaurianess in Planet Stories Mar. 24/1 Poul Anderson bibliography

    At a mere fraction of the velocity of light—Ray thought of the consequences of hitting a planet when going faster than light, and wished he hadn’t—the spaceboat moved around Alpha A.

  • 1955 J. Vance Meet Miss Universe in Fantastic Universe Mar. 7/2 Jack Vance

    An extremely wealthy man, he was serving as General Director at a salary of a dollar a year. He was an ardent sportsman; he owned his own space-boat; he enjoyed cooking and serving little dinners of viands imported from distant worlds.

  • 1956 M. Lesser Meet Miss Solar System in Fantastic Universe Apr. 54/1 Milton Lesser

    ‘So you’re Juniper,’ she boomed, storming into my trim office and nearly upending the chrome-steel desk in her eagerness to lean across it and shake her spaceboat fist in my face.

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1932 cite from Raymond Z. Gallun's "The Revolt of the Star Men".
Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1931 cite from Raymond Gallun; there were other Gallun cites available: he was apparently fond of this term.

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