loc n.

a letter written to a magazine, esp. a fanzine

See also plural lox n.

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SF Fandom

  • 1961 W. Breen FANAC (#73) 6 May 1 page image Walter Breen

    The first contributor of an accepted news item (not a COA) is entitled to a free issue, as are all other Good People who send in locs, cartoons, etc.

  • 1964 Les Spinge Jan. 2

    Available for Trade, LoC, Contribution, goodwill (rarely) or even money.

  • 1973 Son of the WSFA Journal 3 Oct. 1 page image

    We still need lots of LoCโ€™s on TWJ #82 for the TWJ #83 lettercol.

  • 1981 ERG Quarterly (#75) July 2 page image

    The LOC + 30p in stamps to get the next issue seems to be working well.

  • 1990 Thrust Winter 30/2

    Dealers try to sell me at inflated prices copies of something I happen to have mentioned in a loc.

  • 2003 J. M. Verba Boldly Writing (ed. 2) 27/1 Joan Marie Verba bibliography

    A letter of comment, or locโ€”pronounced โ€˜lockโ€™โ€”may be thought of as a letter to the publication, for publication.

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W. Breen, in Fanac

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1966 cite from Lin Carter's "Handy Phrase-Book in Fannish".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1961 cite from Walter Breen's fanzine "Fanac".

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