prodom n.

the world of professional writing, in contrast to fan writing or activities

[< professional + -dom (in fandom)]


SF Fandom

  • 1941 Viewpoints in Astonishing Stories Nov. 8/2

    Fantasy-News, the oldest weekly now being published…. Four to six pages mimeographed…. News of all fandom and prodom. [All ellipses in orig.]

  • 1950 ‘R. Phillips’ Club House in Amazing Stories Mar. 186/2 page image Rog Phillips

    You won’t find a finer fanzine, nor one that will get you behind the scenes in fandom and prodom quicker.

  • 1958 R. Silverberg From Der Voodvork Out in Laundry (#1) Feb. 5 page image Robert Silverberg

    Part of this Impression was created by my familiarity with events in prodom and fandom dating back to earliest stefnal times, a familiarity I acquired during a diligent collecting career.

  • 1959 G. Benford Happy Benford Chatter in Void 18 June 2 page image Gregory Benford

    But fans have always stressed the fiction aspect of science fiction, and except for a few notable exceptions, prodom has done likewise.

  • 1978 E. Elliot in Science Fiction Review May 94/1 page image

    What are your feelings concerning the reactions of SF fan-and-prodom to Perry Rhodan?

  • 1981 Famous Monsters of Filmland (#176) Aug. 43/1 page image

    #2 IN OUR SERIES OF FM fans who have graduated to prodom is: JAMES CUMMINS.

  • 1987 P. LoBrutto in J. N. Williamson How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction xxv. 154 Pat LoBrutto bibliography

    Most people in the little pond that is SF prodom and fandom (oh, they are different: the pros get paid and have expense accounts and much prestige) are pretty cliquey.

  • 2001 P. Anthony How Precious Was That While xi. 243 Piers Anthony

    I actually entered prodom and fandom simultaneously.

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