eyetracks n.

imaginary marks left on a book by the act of reading it



SF Fandom

  • 1952 A. H. Rapp, L. Hoffman & R. Boggs Fanspeak 5/2 page image Arthur H. Rapp

    When you read a new book you get eyetracks all over it. Then it isn’t mint anymore.

  • 1960 New Frontiers June 32 page image

    #5 is mailed with a protective cover which serves to cover Barr’s pic from eyetracks.

  • 1984 M. Z. Bradley Inheritor 180 Marion Zimmer Bradley bibliography

    I tend to get eyetracks all over the books before I sell them.

  • 1992 R. Silverberg Reflections in Amazing Stories 5/3 page image Robert Silverberg

    The two Alice novels…show signs of having been read and read and read. But the trail of fingerprints and eyetracks indicates that I went right on to the next two novels.

  • 2004 M. Resnick Travels with My Cats in Asimov’s Science Fiction Feb. 17 page image Mike Resnick

    I’d read all my other books so often you could almost see the eyetracks all over them.

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