Earthside adj.

of, relating to, or from the planet Earth

  • 1949 R. A. Heinlein Gulf in Astounding Science Fiction Dec. 75/2 page image Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    The arming circuit and the radio relay to the Earthside trigger is located on the Moon in a building inside her private dome.

  • 1951 A. E. van Vogt This Joe in Marvel Science Fiction Aug. 73/1 A. E. van Vogt

    Barron, the only Earthside executive present, stood up and offered me his hand.

  • 1952 โ€˜R. Deeโ€™ Obligation in Startling Stories Sept. 16

    What happened? Lose your taste for the Earthside fleshpots?

  • 1956 A. Budrys Mechanical Man in Fantastic Universe June 6/2 Algis Budrys

    The Service hoes a hard row, Earthside. Your work makes it a little bit easier.

  • 1960 A. E. Nourse Nine Planets 68 Alan E. Nourse

    We can study the Sun from Earth-side laboratories, but what we can see and learn from our observation is enormously limited by the atmospheric blanket between our telescopes and outer space.

  • 1966 R. A. Lafferty Primary Education Among the Camiroi in Galaxy Science Fiction Dec. 187/1 R. A. Lafferty

    Come along Earthside lady, I'll make you some others.

  • 1988 F. Pohl & J. Williamson Landโ€™s End (1989) 196 Jack Williamson Frederik Pohl

    We are the only remaining earthside contingent of General Marcus McKenโ€™s space forces.

  • 1989 G. Benford in G. Dozois Isaac Asimovโ€™s Mars (1991) 89 Gregory Benford

    Earthside studies showed that a brief Eden might have flourished for a while.

  • 1993 D. Beason & K. J. Anderson Assemblers of Infinity Prologue 2 Kevin J. Anderson Doug Beason bibliography

    The scientists Earthside were screaming about their interrupted VLP data.

  • 1993 P. Anderson Harvest of Stars (1994) 8 Poul Anderson bibliography

    She'd paid little attention, for Earthside she mainly associated with company people on company property.

  • 2005 G. Benford Sunborn I. iii. 24 page image Gregory Benford bibliography

    The aging Earthside population in the advanced nations had driven a huge industry devoted to prolonging life spans, and their diagnostics now had great predictive value.

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Robert Heinlein, "Gulf", in Astounding

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