starway n.

an established route between stars; usu. pl. starways the realm of space travel in general; cf. spaceway n.

  • 1932 R. Cummings Wandl, the Invader in Astounding Stories May 247/2 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    The terror of the starways, your worlds called me.

  • 1936 ‘G. Wilson’ Earth-Venus 12 in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 103/2 page image Ray Cummings Gabrielle Cummings bibliography

    From the forward turtle deck, under the glassite dome of the Starlight Arrow, I peered down to the landing stage where the arriving passengers were crowding. It was Interplanetary Starways, Earth-Venus Voyage Twelve.

  • 1943 W. S. Peacock Prey of the Space Falcon in Planet Stories Fall 7/2 page image Wilbur S. Peacock bibliography

    A hint of the adventurer’s blood that made his home the great sweeps of starway that stretched to the far horizons of the universe.

  • 1951 L. Brackett Starmen of Llyrdis in Startling Stories Mar. 33/2 Leigh Brackett bibliography

    Vardda, lord of the starways!

  • 1958 S. Mullen Guppy in Astounding Science Fiction Jan. 127/2 Stanley Mullen bibliography

    Together, they roved the starways, trod the dark, soundless emptiness of space.

  • 1985 R. Silverberg Symbiont in Collected Stories (1993) I. 244 Robert Silverberg bibliography

    Finding me—finding anybody along the starways—wasn’t remotely probable.

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