telempathic adj.

of or by means of telempathy n.

[blend of telepathic + empathic]


  • 1958 R. F. Young Mr. & Mrs. Saturday Night in Fantastic Nov. 57/1 page image Robert F. Young bibliography

    The apartment, in a telempathic sense, was large enough to accommodate the whole world.

  • [1963 V. Simonds Telempathy in Amazing Stories June 65/1 page image Vance Simonds bibliography

    Everett and his Telempathetic Gestalt have proved to be the equivalent of the world’s largest survey sample.]

  • 1976 S. Robinson Telempath 215 Spider Robinson

    I was still dazed from the shock of telempathic contact with my unborn son.

  • 1984 F. Pohl Beyond the Gate in Amazing Stories 74 page image Frederik Pohl

    No one knew anything about a ‘telempathic psychokinetic receiver’ at that time. What it looked like, and was, was periodic, world-wide epidemics of insanity.

  • 1995 I. Carmody Ashling (2001) 388

    ‘She is empathizing it,’ Miky murmured, her face absorbed as she monitored Freya’s telempathic emotions.

  • 2005 F. Pohl Boy Who Would Live Forever 205 Frederik Pohl

    This thing is a version of what you called a dream machine, technically known as a ‘telempathic psychokinetic transceiver’… If the two of you were to get into the two sides of it and it were properly activated, each of you would at once feel everything the other was feeling.

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