filker n.

one who sings filk songs; = filk singer n.


SF Fandom

  • 1981 SF Conventional Calendar in Asimov’s Science Fiction Dec. 119 page image

    TexarCon…Gordon R. (Dorsai) Dickson, Kelly & Polly Freas, Robt. (‘Mythconceptions’) Asprin, filker Margaret Middleton. Masquerade, banquet.

  • 1982 To: Arlan Andrews Re: FIlks (Usenet newsgroup net.sf-lovers) 25 Nov.

    When I read the filk you posted a few weeks ago, I passed it along to our filker and editor of the club newsletter, Margret Purdy, and she loved it.

  • 1991 L. Niven, J. Pournelle, & M. Flynn Fallen Angels 321 Larry Niven Michael F. Flynn Jerry Pournelle bibliography

    Filkers were gearing up out by the pool; the laughter was louder than the singing.

  • 1997 Marcon Zone 49/1

    Tom Smith is a filker of epic proportions, which he blames on all that Pepsi and pizza. He made his reputation as The World’s Fastest Filker here at MarCon—just ask Moonwolf—and he can crank out silly parodies, hilarious shtick, dark fantasies, poignant romances, and mind-shattering puns with equal ease.

  • 2019 A. Farkas Filk in Iowa Review (vol. 49, iss. 1) 56 page image

    Today, this musical style even has its own festivals, the most important being the Ohio Valley Filk Fest where the Pegasus Awards (like the Grammys for filkers) are given out.

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