cybernetically adv.

by means of cybernetic technology


  • [1948 Hartford Courant (Connecticut) 30 Apr. 16/4

    In case anyone is interested in getting the best out of us, here are a few suggestions about how we operate, cybernetically speaking.]

  • 1951 W. M. Miller, Jr. Izzard & the Membrane in Astounding Science Fiction May 90/2 page image Walter M. Miller, Jr. bibliography

    Shall I cybernetically reorder my circuits into a human transor form as a demonstration? If so, whom shall I duplicate?

  • 1960 K. Bulmer Earth’s Long Shadow in Science Fiction Adventures Nov. xi. 70 page image Kenneth Bulmer bibliography

    You might have on file and cybernetically indexed all the details on all the inhabitants of your stellar grouping. But that didn’t stop one farmer on a planet fifty light years off from trading with a local produce firm. And if the produce firm dealt with another adjacent grouping that was in bad odour with the cybernetic index, then the index was going to have to do a lot of cog-whirring to do anything about it.

  • 1961 J. Harmon February Strawberries in Worlds of If Mar. 49/1 page image Jim Harmon bibliography

    The certificate to allow reburial in Virginia hadn’t been impossible to obtain. The doctor had taken the body and Linton’s fortune and fed them both into the maw of his calculators, and by means of the secret, smuggled formulae, Greta would be cybernetically reborn.

  • 1974 J. F. Patrouch, Jr. Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov viii. 247 page image Joseph F. Patrouch, Jr. bibliography

    Fortunately, Marmie has a fan, Dr. A. R. Torgesson, who is also a trained scientist with a cybernetically enhanced monkey named Rollo. Given a passage from a work, along with certain other background information, Rollo can type the complete work word for word as it should be written. Well, almost word for word.

  • 2000 White Dwarf May 105/2

    Lichtenstein and Dimitri set off for the abandoned mine with Gryz, a cybernetically altered servitor-warrior created by Dimitri, and Ghaustos, a Daemonhost of Lichtenstein’s which would be used to communicate with Pharaa’gueotla and sift the lies from the truth in the Daemon Prince’s words.

  • 2019 T. Onyebuchi War Girls (2020) xxviii. 205 Tochi Onyebuchi bibliography

    ‘We know who you are,’ one of the soldiers cuts her off. They don’t even sweat, which is how Ify knows they are Augments with cooling systems built into their cybernetically altered bodies.

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