grav n. 1

an anti-gravitational propulsion device; (typically as) gravs: a propulsion system using antigravity


  • 1939 N. S. Bond Fugitives from Earth in Amazing Stories Dec. 14/2 page image Nelson S. Bond bibliography

    ‘Gravs on, Bartram!’ ‘Gravs on, sir!’

  • 1942 J. Broome Cosmic Derelict in Planet Stories 23/1 page image

    Maybe a rocket tube woulda slipped its moorings; maybe the gravs woulda gone dead without no reason.

  • 1946 R. S. Shaver Earth Slaves to Space in Amazing Stories Sept. 41/2 page image Richard S. Shaver bibliography

    But I had much to learn, for as the Darkspear nosed down to a landing beside the Freyan ship in the sea of Freyanania, I saw that there were indeed wonders on this little planet, which had quite a strong gravity, for as we shut off the gravs and all the motors of the Darkspear, the load on our feet decreased but little.

  • 1958 D. V. Swain Stay Out of Space! in Imaginative Tales 19/2 page image Dwight V. Swain bibliography

    He climbed in and depressed the lift-pedal. The gravs took hold.

  • 1967 C. C. MacApp Beachhead for Gree in Worlds of If Feb. 155/1 page image C. C. MacApp bibliography

    Other light flares bloomed all over the area, descending very slowly on gravs.

  • 1999 M. W. Tiedemann Chasing Sacrifice in Science Fiction Age Jan. 46/2 page image Mark W. Tiedemann bibliography

    Dobbs, Cryshuil’s engineer, grunted and leaned close to the green…. ‘Gravs should work right now?’ He scowled unhappily.

  • 2009 T. Lee Sky Won’t Listen in Sky Whales and Other Wonders 23 page image Tanith Lee bibliography

    I informed the captains of what I’d be doing. By then Spanish Lady’s gravs had warmed to full power. I watched as we made lift-up through the ice sky and the fading purple, into a darkness where the city lost its glare, and instead the bright wasps of stars had left their silver-swollen stings.

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1942 cite from Nelson S. Bond's "The Ballad of Venus Nell".
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1949 reprint of Nelson S. Bond's (writing as George Danzell) "The Castaway" which Mike Christie verified in its 1940 first publication.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1946 cite from Richard S. Shaver's "Earth Slaves to Space".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1947 cite from Henry Hasse's "Trail of the Astrogar".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1950 cite from James H. Schmitz's "The Truth About Cushgar".
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2009 cite from Tanith Lee.

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