scientific fiction n.

= science fiction n. 2

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  • 1876 W. H. L. Barnes in W. H. Rhodes Caxton’s Book 7

    The great master of scientific fiction, Jules Verne.

  • 1923 Science & Invention Aug. (cover) page image

    Scientific Fiction Number [i.e. issue].

  • 1929 H. Gernsback in Science Wonder Stories June 5 page image Hugo Gernsback

    Anybody who has any imagination at all clamors for fiction of the Jules Verne and H. G. Wells type, made immortal by them: the story that has a scientific background, and is read by an ever growing multitude of intelligent people. Science Wonder Stories supplies this need for scientific fiction and supplies it better than any other magazine.

  • 1933 H. Buller Letter in Amazing Stories Oct. 619/1 page image

    A proof of my friendship is whether I will lend a person my Amazing Stories, or the yellowed copies of Merritt’s tales—and other fantastic, and scientific fiction.

  • 1944 J. B. Speer Fancyclopedia 76/2 Jack Speer bibliography

    Scientific fiction, a form preferred by some to ‘science fiction’ in the mistaken belief that a modifier (‘scientific’) must be in adjectival form. Length of the expression is what has prevented its general adoption.

  • 1946 G. Fox Fandom Gathers in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Aug. 127/1 page image

    Want to join a live-wire organization for readers of fantastic and scientific fiction? A club whose members include some of the most popular professional writers and artists and most of the prominent eastern fantasy enthusiasts?… The nucleus of the organization is…the same society that sponsored the First Post-War Science-Fiction Convention.

  • 1951 Letter in Amazing Stories Mar. 152/1 page image

    If there is any one thing to which I do object…it is your covers…. I am not ashamed to read scientific fiction…but I am ashamed to be seen carrying a magazine with a cover that looks as if it were a sex magazine.

  • 1999 D. Gabaldon Outlandish Companion Prologue p. xxiv page image

    I was conversing one day…with an author I knew casually, named John Stith, who writes scientific fiction.

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