sercon adj.

of fans or fan activities: (obsessively) concerned with matters of criticism or scholarship, rather than fandom itself; cf. faan n.

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SF Fandom

  • [1949 Fantasy Annual 1948 20 page image

    Wilson was publisher of Dream Quest…contributor to numberless fanzines from coast-to-coast; heckler of Insurgents and Serious Constructive Fans alike.]

  • [1952 A. H. Rapp, L. Hoffman & R. Boggs Fanspeak 11/1 Arthur H. Rapp

    serious constructive fan. One who thinks fan activity is less of a hobby than a means of advancing mankind toward the utopias described in science fiction. Serious constructiveness also extends to…publishing ‘high-minded’ fanzines in order to impress and recruit outsiders.]

  • 1955 ‘W. Tucker’ Neo-Fan’s Guide to Science Fiction Fandom 2 page image Wilson Tucker

    Serious Constructive Fan…. This fan often believes he has a Mission in fandom; he labors for some lofty Purpose…. The abbreviation infrequently used is ‘SerConFan’.

  • 1957 R. A. Madle Inside Science Fiction in Science Fiction Quarterly Nov. 92/2 page image Robert A. Madle

    But TTT [a zine] wasn’t 100% ‘sercon’ (today’s fannish term for ‘serious-constructive’—usually mentioned with derision).

  • 1958 R. Bloch Fandora's Box in Imagination Apr. 122/1 Robert Bloch

    One of the best 'zines on the market…. It’s a ‘sercon’ effort, with plenty of humor in a satirical vein. Ibid 122/2 [He] is more or less ‘sercon’ but this is (to my way of thinking) a desirable trait in a science-fiction fan—as opposed to jazz fans, sports-car fans, comics fans and other enthusiasts who are apt to decry a ‘sercon’ interest in science fiction.

  • 1974 Newark (Ohio) Advocate 23 Feb. 4/5

    What do sercon fanzines signify? To treat that is to ask: What part does trivia—nonearthshaking nonevents—play in anybody’s life?

  • 1991 L. Niven, J. Pournelle, & M. Flynn Fallen Angels 92 Larry Niven Michael F. Flynn Jerry Pournelle bibliography

    You'll find plenty to entertain you. Not every fan activity is sercon.

  • 2001 P. Di Filippo On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction May 139/2 page image Paul Di Filippo

    Issue Number 52 of this ‘sercon’ zine features an informative profile of the late Doc Lowndes by Mike Ashley.

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