space patrolman n.

a man who works for a space patrol n.

Now rare.

  • 1939 ‘M. J. Steele’ Phantom Enemy in Amazing Stories Feb. 103/2 page image Raymond A. Palmer bibliography

    The uniformed figure of a space patrolman rose from below and stepped into the control room.

  • 1942 W. S. Peacock Thing of Venus in Planet Stories Spring 74/2 page image Wilbur S. Peacock bibliography

    Never, had he expected again to find himself a welcome friend of a Space Patrolman.

  • 1946 O. Binder Adventure in Space in Captain Marvel Adventures Oct. 38/3

    The months and months of target practice, which all Space Patrol men underwent, now proved itself.

  • 1954 W. West Moon Dance in Science Fiction Quarterly Nov. 25/1 page image Wallace West bibliography

    The committeemen nodded to a Space Patrolman who had posted himself in the hotel lobby, just outside the cafe door.

  • 1966 Famous Monsters of Filmland June 36 page image

    One of the Princess’ space patrol locates the astrobot…and attacks him with a laser gun. Instead of destroying the android, however, the space patrolman burns off half his face and damages his electronic control components.

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Fred Galvin submitted a 1942 cite from Wilbur S. Peacock's "The Thing of Venus".
Fred Galvin submitted a 1946 cite from Otto Binder in "Captain Marvel Adventures".

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