space-operatic adj.

being or resembling space opera n.

SF Criticism

  • 1953 L. S. de Camp Science-Fiction Handbook 162 L. Sprague de Camp

    His stories are space-operatic with a strong technological bent; little characterization or motivation, but lots of fast action, cosmic gadgetry, and ribald wit.

  • 1955 K. Rose Letter in Amazing Stories Nov. 117 page image

    I buy science-fiction magazines. All of them, with the exception of two or three strictly juvenile, space-operatic, pulps.

  • 1975 L. Isaacs Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Dec. 40/1 page image Leonard Isaacs

    A close-contact battle ensues between humans and aliens, which begins to take on a more traditional space-operatic character as 42 earthmen mop up 600 aliens.

  • 1998 R. K. J. Killheffer Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 40/2 page image Robert K. J. Killheffer

    The battles between Chaos and Order are so space operatic they verge on parody.

  • 2003 Interzone Nov.–Dec. 66/1 page image

    Conclusion to in [sic] the space-operatic trilogy which began with Cosmonaut Keep.

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