fantastic n. 2

a work of fantasy n. 1


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  • 1937 Amateur Correspondent (#1) Mayโ€“June 20 (advt.) page image

    Have about 250 old Argosies, 1923 to 1927. Many fantastics. Send dime for list. (I am not a dealer.)

  • 1947 P. F. Anderson Letter in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 98/1 page image

    Call Him Demon is the best fantastic of the year. How did you swing the thing, Sarge? Gad, man, congrats! Itโ€™s perfect.

  • 1948 Thrilling Wonder Stories June 129/1

    Oh, pleaseโ€”isnโ€™t it about time for another Kuttner full-length fantastic?

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