uchronic adj.

of or relating to uchronias

SF Criticism

  • 1938 A. Huxley Ends & Means x. 146 page image Aldous Huxley

    Returning from Uchronic speculations to a consideration of actuality, we find that in Russia the original aim of the revolutionaries was the creation of a society enjoying the maximum possible amount of self-government in every field of activity.

  • 1991 Locus May 5/2

    By exporting information technology into a version of the historical past, we had a laboratory situation. We could turn it loose on a known quantity. The ‘uchronic’ novel…is a very, rigorous form.

  • 1995 G. Egan Silver Fire in Interzone Dec. 11 page image Greg Egan bibliography

    If Burroughs' Cities of the Red Night had only penetrated the collective subconscious more fully when it appeared, the whole course of the AIDS plague might have been radically different—and that’s a hot topic in Uchronic Studies which one of my doctoral students is currently pursuing.

  • 2004 C. Lalumière Paul di Filippo's Lost Pages: An Introduction in N.Y. Review of Science Fiction (#189) May 11/1 page image Claude Lalumière bibliography

    Paul’s book Lost Pages is a collection of uchronic fiction, each story dealing with a different alternate history, a different vision of what might have been.

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