genre science fiction n.

stories, novels, etc. that are explicity written or published as science fiction, as opposed to ones which contain science fictional elements but are written or published as mainstream or in another genre

SF Criticism


  • 1971 N. Spinrad Foreword in New Tomorrows 147 Norman Spinrad

    As with Robert Silverberg, whose career parallels his in certain ways, Ellison’s true literary love had always been science fiction; when his screen writing career removed the economic impetus for writing genre science fiction, Ellison gradually began to channel the diverse elements of his total output of fiction into a synthesized style and range of content uniquely his own, but unquestionably speculative fiction.

  • 1979 B. Stableford & P. Nicholls Genre in P. Nicholls Encyclopedia of Science Fiction 161/2

    Publishers apply similar cautionary measures to potential best-sellers; genre sf, when so labelled, usually sells well but seldom enters the best-seller class.

  • 1990 M. Bishop More Than a Masterpiece? in Quantum — Science Fiction & Fantasy Review Spring 6/1 Michael Bishop

    First, it became a ‘novel’ by a route often pursued by genre science fiction writers in those days, namely, the route of the ‘fix-up.’

  • 1993 J. Clute Science Fiction Novels of Year in D. Garnett New Worlds 3 200 John Clute

    He was the sound…of sf talking to itself, the default voice of American genre sf, which had been born in 1926, had been stricken in 1957 when Sputnik began to asset-strip the playground of space, and had since deceased.

  • 2000 J. Sallis Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction July 33/2

    They are at once fables, parables, social satire, contemporary myth, and genre science fiction—adventure stories of a kind.

  • 2002 D. Layne & J. Lake Polyphony 1 (unpaginated),

    Genre science fiction and fantasy magazines seem designed to put such stories only into the hands of people guaranteed to be disappointed by them; mainstream literary publications are uncomfortable with anything that carries the whiff of genre.

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