proto-cyberpunk adj.

pertaining to works that prefigure the themes of cyberpunk n. 1

SF Criticism

  • 1991 Extrapolation Fall 279

    The posthuman becomes, to use the title from Anthony Burgess’s 1963 protocyberpunk novel, a clockwork orange.

  • 1994 J. Kessel Books in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 24/1

    They include hard science stories like…Fred Pohl’s in-your-face assault ‘Day Million’, a proto-cyberpunk hymn to accelerating social and technological change.

  • 1995 P. Di Filippo On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct. 168/1 Paul Di Filippo

    In focusing on pantropy (a useful term coined by James Blish to designate the retrofitting of humanity to their environment) as opposed to the currently more popular terraforming, Pohl explored an overlooked Mars-colonizing approach that strikes one as still fresh. With its occasional references to hackers and jacking in, as well as its subtly foreshadowed climax involving spontaneous AI’s evolving out of ‘the net,’ this book is plainly a neglected proto-cyberpunk ancestor.

  • 2001 G. Dozois Interview in G. Dozois & M. Swanwick Being Gardner Dozois 23 Gardner Dozois

    So I worked in clones and people with no digestive tracts whose nourishment was beamed to them by broadcast matter, and various other things like that. Just to get a sense of far-future alienness, of how different these people were from us… I think what I was doing here…was groping towards a sort of proto-cyberpunk aesthetic.

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