intergalactically adv.

between or among galaxies; (broadly) (used as an intensive), extremely, incredibly

  • 1959 Crowd Watches Take-Off in Los Angeles Times 25 Jan. i. 2/2

    With a mighty roar (from the crowd) Potchki II began its years-long trip into the unknown. The Intergalactically Famous SDC Marching Band broke into the ‘Colonel Bogey March’.

  • 1973 R. Sheckley Welcome to the Standard Nightmare in H. Harrison Nova 3 4 page image Robert Sheckley bibliography

    It’s nice to have intelligent neighbors, speaking intergalactically, but it’s not nice if those neighbors are a great deal smarter than you are, and maybe quicker and stronger and more aggressive, too.

  • 1980 Punch 28 May 833/3

    The space flight and satellite section riveted even me, who am intergalactically unawakened.

  • 1997 A. McCaffrey & M. Ball Acorna (1998) 240 page image Anne McCaffrey Margaret Ball bibliography

    There hadn’t been time to procure the kind of recording equipment an intergalactically known vid-artist would expect to use.

  • 2011 C. Thompson New Hope for Books in Wired Dec. (electronic ed.) page image

    [Print-on-demand publishing is] also becoming an enormous market with an intergalactically long tail.

  • 2012 R. Reid Year Zero xi. 174 page image Rob Reid bibliography

    What’s with her? I wondered. She was gorgeous and smart—and apparently spectacularly rich and intergalactically famous. So why was she always such a ... brat?

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antedating 1959

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L.A. Times

Research History
Simon Koppel submitted a cite from a newspaper reprint of Robert Sheckley's "Welcome to the Standard Nightmare"; Jesse Sheidlower verified it in the original printing in Harry Harrison's "Nova 3".
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2012 cite from Rob Reid.

Earliest cite in the OED is from Punch Magazine, 1980.

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