Orwellian n.

an admirer of the works and ideas of George Orwell

SF Criticism

  • 1971 Guardian 14 Jan. 7/1

    McLuhanites and Orwellians are likely to block our view of their masters' arguments.

  • 1991 Financial Times 12 Oct. (Weekend section) p. xvi

    The book…did not satisfy the needs of the ever-growing band of Orwellians who required the story of their hero’s life told as a coherent narrative.

  • 2012 J. Barnes George Orwell and the Fucking Elephant in Through the Window 33 page image Julian Barnes

    One small moment of literary history at which many Orwellians would like to have been present was an encounter in Bertorelli’s restaurant between Orwell’s biographer, Bernard Crick, and Orwell’s widow, Sonia.

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