science-fictionish adj.

being, resembling, or reminiscent of science fiction n. 2

SF Criticism

  • 1940 I. Asimov Letter in Future Fiction Mar. 108 page image Isaac Asimov bibliography

    I don’t like the cover. First, it is not sufficiently science-fictionish.

  • 1950 W. Weber Letter in Planet Stories Spring 104/1 page image Wally Weber bibliography

    Name a present day, professional publication that boasts of a solid, green-blooded, truly science-fictionish name as does Planet Stories.

  • 1965 ‘A. Boucher’ Criminals At Large in N.Y. Times Book Review 18 July 28/1 Anthony Boucher

    It has always been difficult to draw a sharply defined line between the spy novel and science fiction. There is often something science-fictionish about The Plans at stake—which is a direct reflection of reality; there is often something science-fictionish about the secrets for which real-life agents contend.

  • 1975 I. Asimov in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 128 page image Isaac Asimov

    It occurred to me that there is nothing so dramatic for a science-fictionish person such as myself as the Martian canals.

  • 1986 I. Asimov Robot Dreams xiv Isaac Asimov

    My robots, too, had ‘brains’ that made them work, and I never spoke of them as computers, either. I had to make them science-fictionish, of course, so I called them ‘positronic brains.’ Positrons had been detected for the first time only four years before my first robot story had been written.

  • 2020 A. O. Scott 25 Greatest Actors of 21st Century in N.Y. Times 25 Nov.

    Her skill manifests itself in a totally different way in ‘Bacurau’ this year, a crazily fantastical (and violent) science-fictionish allegory of Brazil in crisis that departs from the realism of Mendonça’s other films without abandoning their political passion or their humanism.

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antedating 1940

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Isaac Asimov

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Jeff Prucher submitted a 1965 cite from Anthony Boucher in the New York Times.
Fred Galvin submitted a 1990 cite from a reprint of Isaac Asimov's "Robot Dreams".
Jesse Sheidlower submitted the 1940 cite, and all others.

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