earthborn n.

a person born on Earth; people born on Earth collectively

  • 1940 M. Jameson Quicksands of Youthwardness in Astonishing Stories Oct. 20/2 page image Malcolm Jameson

    Welcome to Athanata…the Planet of the Immortals. Gladly we receive the noble Earthborn, for like you, our pioneers fell from out the sky.

  • 1941 Cosmic Stories July

    Venusian natives were warned off the streets; henceforth none but the Earthborn could show their faces by daylight.

  • 1954 R.P. Ennis By Needle and Thread in Nebula Science Fiction Oct. 76

    The old man is breaking down under Star Flight. He’s the oldest Earth-born on board the ship.

  • 1959 Galac-Ticks Sept. 3/1

    These are the folks who arrived via space craft or teleportal (for definition of teleportal, see Galac-Ticks, Issue 11).—They usually cannot be distinguished from the Earth-born except through astute psychic detective work.

  • 1974 J. Varley Picnic on Nearside in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 101/2 John Varley

    They say that’s what drove people to the Farside: the constant reminder of what they had lost, always there in the sky. It must have been hard, especially to the Earthborn. Whatever the reason, no-one had lived on the Nearside for almoost a century. All the original settlements had dwindled as people had moved to the comforting empty sky of Farside.

  • 1984 G. Zebrowski Ashes and Stars in Omega Point Trilogy 12 George Zebrowski

    If he could hurt even ten Earthborn, the news would humiliate millions; the dead deserved that much.

  • 1988 R. Silverberg We are for Dark in Collected Stories (1993) II. 357 Robert Silverberg

    We have some Earthborn here, still.

  • 2013 J. Connolly Conquest (2014) ii. 7 page image John Connolly bibliography

    She was Syl the Firstborn, Syl the Earthborn. Syl the Invader.

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