space tunnel n.

= wormhole n.


  • [1939 C. D. Simak Cosmic Engineers in Astounding Science-Fiction Apr. 120/2 page image Clifford D. Simak

    The soft swirl of light that marked the opening of the time-space tunnel lay between and beyond two blasted towers.]

  • 1975 M. Korolenko A Space Odyssey in Miscellany News (Vassar College) 5 Sept. 6/1 page image

    Kubrick never even gives a hint that the monolith is a ‘space tunnel’ of some sort, a short-cut through the universe.

  • 1983 R. Rucker Message Found in a Copy of Flatland in Gnarl! (2000) 235 Rudy Rucker bibliography

    It appeared to be an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a space-tunnel leading into another universe.

  • 1990 F. A. Javor Scor-Sting 19 Frank A. Javor bibliography

    A skyborne ram was scooping and bulldozing interstellar hydrogen before it until the accumulation was enough to trigger the black hole that would be the entry end of the space tunnel through which our flotilla would emerge at last at the white hole that was the other end of the Einstein-Rosen postulation.

  • 2000 N. Kress Probability Moon 35 Nancy Kress

    And it, too, had at first looked like a small moon. But it had been a space tunnel, a wormhole transport point to a vast mappable net of usable tunnels. When a spaceship got itself laboriously out to Neptune and maneuvered inside Space Tunnel #1, it emerged elsewhere in the galaxy, directly outside a planetary system…and very near yet another space tunnel.

  • 2001 Locus June 23/2

    An isolated planet with a minimal level of technology, World would be of interest only to a few xenobiological specialists if not for its relics of the vanished ancient civilization which created the space tunnels between star systems.

  • 2012 K. O’Hearn Pegasus 156

    There’s another room filled with strange stuff and there’s an arch that opens the space tunnel.

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