Galactic n. 2

a language commonly spoken throughout the galaxy; cf. Standard n.


  • 1954 M. Z. Bradley Centaurus Changeling in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 90 page image Marion Zimmer Bradley bibliography

    Out of courtesy to his guests, he was speaking a mangled dialect of Galactic Standard; Beth wished irritably that he would talk Centaurian.

  • 1955 M. A. Deford & ‘A. Boucher’ Mary Celestial in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 56/2 page image

    ‘Welcome, welcome to Xilmuch!’ cried the man then in perfect Standard Galactic.

  • 1961 L. Biggle Monument in Analog Science Fact & Fiction June 69/1 Lloyd Biggle, Jr. bibliography

    ‘And—you say they speak Galactic.’ ‘Speak it rather well, with a kind of provincial accent.’

  • 1961 L. Biggle Monument in Analog Science Fact & Fiction June 153/2 Lloyd Biggle, Jr. bibliography

    A holiday atmosphere prevailed, the gaily dressed natives laughing and singing around the fires—singing in Galactic, an accomplishment that never ceased to intrigue Dillinger.

  • 1964 U. K. Le Guin Semley's Necklace in T. Shippey Oxford Book of Science Fiction (1992) 336 Ursula K. Le Guin

    ‘She say, Hail, Lord of Stars,’ growled one of her squat escorts in Pidgin-Galactic.

  • 1977 D. Bischoff & T. White World of One’s Own in Amazing Stories Oct. 10/2 page image David Bischoff Ted White bibliography

    Do you really think he’ll speak an Earth-derived Galactic?

  • 1990 ‘J. Tiptree, Jr.’ Color of Neanderthal Eyes 33 James Tiptree, Jr.

    So I will end by having these people transcribe their speech into Galactic!

  • 2001 E. Flint Carthago Delenda Est in Foreign Legions ii. 253 page image Eric Flint bibliography

    The sepoy spoke again. The meaning of the words finally penetrated. Oddly, Agayan was surprised more by the fact of those words than their actual content. He had not realized that Gha could speak Galactic beyond a few crude and simple phrases.

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