inertial dampener n.

= inertial damper n.

  • 1998 ‘L. A. Graf’ War Dragons ii. 23 page image Julia Ecklar Karen Rose Cercone bibliography

    The catwalk on which I was standing shook with subsonic vibrations as inertial dampeners cut in to compensate.

  • 2014 D. Creek All Human Things in Analog Science Fiction & Fact May 91/1 Dave Creek bibliography

    Mike told Jeremy, ‘Hold on—we’re about to launch.’ ‘Wait a minute,’ Jeremy said. ‘Why can’t we—’ It was as if the bottom dropped out of the small pod. Jeremy yelped in surprise and Mike didn’t blame him. I’ve never liked thrill rides, he thought. Give me some good old inertial dampeners any day. Something slammed into the lifepod, and Mike’s head struck the wall, hard. I’d always believed ‘seeing stars’ was just a phrase, he thought. All told, I’d rather look at them through a viewscreen.

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any evidence 1998

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L. A. Graf & M. J. Friedman. 'War Dragons'

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Suggested by Jeffrey Glen Jackson.
Ben Ostrowsky submitted a 2014 cite from Dave Creek.
Ralf Brown, from an etext, suggested Terence West's "Exodus: Europa" (2005) as a source for cites: we would like to see a cite from a printed copy of this book.

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