fanne n.

a female fan

No longer in regular use.

Earliest in nonce compounds.


SF Fandom

  • 1942 F. J. Ackerman Rigorous Mortification in Voice of the Imagination (#23) 2 page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    TRUDY KUSLAN: ... One [of] the few actifannes. That I should be disliked by such an attractifanne; ah, the Pity of It All!

  • 1942 ‘Fantacynic’ Cherchez la Fanne in Spaceways (vol. 4, no. 3, whole no. 26) 12 (title) page image John Christopher

    Cherchez la Fanne.

  • 1944 F. J. Ackerman On the Fritz in Fan-Dango (#6) Fall 1 page image Forrest J. Ackerman

    I am reporting what transpired that necromantic nite—idle interpolation: Does a (rose)budding fanne, with a Weird Tale, neck romantic?--after a lapse of several weeks.

  • 1944 J. Speer What Transpired at Michiconference in Fancestral Voices (2004) 98 Jack Speer

    There are no fannes in the above table, but later someone administered the test to one of the women.

  • 1947 Startling Stories Jan. 107/1

    If there are any fans in North Carolina, would you please get in touch with me at 200 Williamsboro St., Oxford, N. C. If you even read StF you'll do. You don’t have to be an actifan, just so you read StF. Y’see, we're trying to form a statewide organization of fans and fannes in North Carolina to give StF a wider range in the Old North State, and generally improve fen conditions here.

  • 1947 Planet Stories Winter 127/1

    I hereby nominate Marion the fanne I'd most like to be marooned on an asteroid with.

  • 1948 Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug. 132/1

    What?! Arthur H. Rapp wants to exclude fannes? I wonder what he'll think of Wigodsky’s letter in this ish?

  • 1948 Startling Stories Sept. 134/2

    jack clements: i'm going to write a letter with all words in caps someday! i also agree with you about rick. if he doesn’t do that on purpose, he’s a borned [sic] genius! but you’re in for it on the fem idea, tho. the more fannes, the better. congrats to all the fems that wrote letters in this issue!

  • 1950 Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 144/2

    My plea is this—is there somewhere in fandom another femme fan who desperately wants to go to the Norwescon but whose finances are not only scanty but hard to come by? If so, would that femme fan care to share hotel expenses with another fanne in the same situation?

  • 1959 D. Eney Fancyclopedia II 62

    FANNE (pronounced ‘fan’). A female fan; also femmefan. Nancy Share tried to introduce Firl, but this didn’t catch on. Feminine objection to this term is caused by clods giving the silent E full value (cf Fanspeak).

  • 1966 L. Carter Handy Phrase Book in Fannish in Worlds of If Oct. 66/1 page image Lin Carter bibliography

    A female fan (oh, yes, there are such) is generally a fanne.

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