Plutonian n. 2

the language of Plutonians



  • 1950 โ€˜L. F. Stoneโ€™ Rape of Solar System in Flight Into Space 239 Leslie F. Stone

    At first, during the long journey back to earth, I tried to study the Plutonian glossary with Cart, but it was hard sledding, and, as I have said, I am not a student.

  • 1952 Authentic Science Fiction Sept. 2/2 page image

    There is even a glossary of interplanetary languagesโ€”English, Martian, Venusian and Plutonian.

  • 1958 W. F. Temple Undiscovered Country in Nebula Science Fiction Oct. 58 page image William F. Temple bibliography

    I hope we learn enough Plutonian to say we're sorry.

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Research History
Fred Galvin submitted a 1959 cite from William F. Temple's "The Undiscovered Country", in a 1959 US edition of Nebula Science Fiction magazine, which Mike Christie verified the 1958 UK edition.
The 1952 quot. is in reference to a British fan publication called "The Space Patrol Official Handbook"; we would like to check this for an earlier example.

We would like to see other examples of any date.

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