Planet Earth n.

(without the), the earth, as distinct from the rest of the universe, esp. when considered as the planet on which humans live, or on which living organisms form an ecological system; the whole world

  • 1858 Hamilton (Ohio) Weekly Telegraph 16 Sept. page image

    He would show up a mass of corruption that would astonish the natives, and perhaps seriously endanger the equilibrium of planet Earth.

  • 1868 H. T. W. Adams Alphabet Geololy & Elementary Mineralogy 41

    The sedimentary rocks…, with their alternations of rock and imbedded fossils, give us a correct history of planet Earth since that early period.

  • 1941 Comet July 72/1 (mock advertisement) page image


  • 1948 J. Vance Hard Luck Diggings in Startling Stories July 106/1 page image Jack Vance bibliography

    You must remember that this is not Planet Earth, and conditions—the psychological, the biological, and…the essentially logical circumstances—are different from what you have been accustomed to.

  • 1990 T. Gifford Assassini iv. 427

    It is, Holiness, directly related to your continuing usefulness on Planet Earth, however long or short your remaining time.

  • 2002 T. Clancy Red Rabbit 496

    There was no use turning on the bedside radio. Hungarian—actually Magyar—was a language probably found on the planet Mars. For damned sure, it didn’t belong on Planet Earth.

  • 2003 J. Varley Red Thunder xx. 216 John Varley

    They were all opposed to the newly christened International Power Administration and in favor of staying on a polluted and threatened Planet Earth, and many of them threw rocks and Molotov cocktails to prove how passionately they loved the Earth.

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