galaxy-wide adv.

throughout a galaxy

  • 1949 H. Kuttner Time Axis in Startling Stories Jan. 50/1 page image Henry Kuttner bibliography

    When I investigated Belem’s disappearance I was much disturbed to learn how many other Mechandroids had vanished at the same time. I immediately assigned an all-out search, Galaxywide. But I was not too hopeful.

  • 1965 K. Laumer Retief’s War in If Oct. 12/1 page image Keith Laumer bibliography

    Technically, the Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne is dedicated to the protection of Terran interests, Galaxy-wide.

  • 1978 P. Anthony Chaining Lady xvii. 258 page image Piers Anthony bibliography

    Melody tried to compose her thoughts, but they were a jumble of uncertainties. What decisions could she have made to avoid this present doom? Had there ever been any hope, or was the Andromedan onslaught prevailing galaxywide? Surely Segment Knyfh was holding out, and the other center-galaxy cultures.

  • 1984 D. Wingrove In a Crumbling Pastry World in Apertures 94 page image David Wingrove bibliography

    As an aside in the story [sc. ‘Sight of a Silhouette’ (Aldiss, 1958)] we learn that the central character, the Galaxy-wide famous archeologist Norman Dall, is 900 years old.

  • 1990 L. M. Bujold Vor Game viii. 122 page image Lois McMaster Bujold bibliography

    Beta Colony only advertised its second or third latest advantages; staying several steps ahead of everybody else in R&D had been the harsh world’s stock-in-trade for a couple of generations. In time, Beta Colony would be marketing its new device galaxy-wide. In the meantime...

  • 1994 T. Holt Grailblazers in For Two Nights Only (2004) iv. 455 page image Tom Holt bibliography

    ‘Yes,’ said Bedevere, ‘like I was saying, a misunderstanding. You see, we’re not money, we’re people.’ Iophon grinned a little. ‘That’s all right, sir,’ he said. ‘People are accepted at more than two billion outlets galaxy-wide. People, if you’ll pardon the phrase, sir, will do nicely. Just sign here, and we’ll have you debited in no time.’ He held out the clipboard. Bedevere backed away slightly.

  • 2010 S. Lee & S. Miller Mouse & Dragon xxix. 264 page image Steve Miller Sharon Lee bibliography

    This was a pet project. When it had eventually borne in upon Anne precisely how much discretionary funding was available to her, as a full adult member of Clan Korval, she had lost no time in setting up a trust to fund a university chair to be filled by scholars who excelled in the teaching of comparative cultures, cultural genetics, or any other of a very short list of diversification studies. Once she, and more importantly, Mr. dea’Gauss, was satisfied with the terms of the trust, universities galaxywide had been solicited to apply for a grant.

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Henry Kuttner, in Startling Stories.

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Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a 2002 reprint of Keith Laumer's "Retief's War", which MIke Christie verified in the 1965 magazine publication.
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