nearside n.

the part of a moon that faces the planet it orbits; cf. farside n.

Often as a proper noun.

  • 1974 J. Varley Picnic on Nearside in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 101/2 page image John Varley bibliography

    They say that’s what drove people to the Farside: the constant reminder of what they had lost, always there in the sky. It must have been hard, especially to the Earthborn. Whatever the reason, no-one had lived on the Nearside for almost a century. All the original settlements had dwindled as people had moved to the comforting empty sky of Farside.

  • 1977 G. Benford In Ocean of Night 199 Gregory Benford

    Her sled was coasting through a series of connected ellipses, bound for nearside. Earth was rising, a glinting crystal globe above the warped moon.

  • 1977 J. Varley Ophiuchi Hotline (1994) 7 John Varley

    I was in the Terminal Institute for Enemies of Humanity, three kilometers beneath Ptolemaeus, on the Nearside.

  • 1997 I. Watson Jewels in Angel's Wing in M. Ashley Random House Book of Science Fiction Stories 274 Ian Watson

    I remembered the approach of the aliens: two great spacefaring beings like grotesque, beautiful, ornamental fish a kilometer long, two kilometers high, half a kilometer wide, wrapped round with convoluted sparkling sails and veils, shimmering with powers and forces that we couldn’t fathom. All contact with Earth from our transmitter on Nearside was disrupted, lost.

  • 2000 A. McCaffrey Pegasus in Space 260 Anne McCaffrey bibliography

    Installing a telescope on the nearside wasn’t very smart but the early bureaucracy made some pretty big errors here that we are still trying to correct.

  • 2005 R. J. Sawyer Mindscan xiii. 90 Robert J. Sawyer bibliography

    Earth was fiercely bright against the black sky; if the moon had an atmosphere, Earthsets—only visible from a moving vehicle, since at all locations on nearside, the Earth hung motionless in the sky—would have been spectacular.

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We have two cites from John Varley; from "The Ophiuchi Hotline (1977) and "Picnic on Nearside" (1974).
Michael Dolbear submitted a cite from a 1985 reprint of Gregory Benford's "In the Ocean of Night".
Michael Dolbear submitted a 2000 cite from Ann McCaffrey's "Pegasus in Space".
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1996 reprint of Ian Watson's 1987 story "Jewels in an Angel's Wing"

From his etext collection, Ralf Brown suggested David Weber's "Mutineer's Moon", and Michael Dolbear submitted a cite from a 1998 reprint of this work.

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