starfaring n.

interstellar traveling

SF Encyclopedia

  • 1973 J. Vance Trullion: Alastor 2262 iv. 30 Jack Vance

    If Iโ€™m not mistaken itโ€™s young Glinnes Hulden, back from starfaring!

  • 1980 R. Roberts Sailorโ€™s Delight in Asimovโ€™s Science Fiction May 69 page image Ralph Roberts bibliography

    What ya said about wanting to learn about starfaring, how serious are ya?

  • 1986 A. C. Clarke Songs of Distant Earth 11 Arthur C. Clarke

    โ€˜There are no aliens,โ€™ she said firmly. โ€˜At least none intelligent enough to go starfaring.โ€™

  • 2007 G. Jones Tomb Wife in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Aug. 151 page image Gwyneth Jones

    Telepathy artifacts were the bane of starfaring.

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any evidence 1973

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J. Vance 'Trullion: Alastor 2262'

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Jeff Prucher submitted a cite from a 1995 reprint of Jack Vance's "Trullion:Alastor 2262", which Mike Christie located in a 1981 edition: Patrick Dusoulier verified this in the 1973 first edition.

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